Solar Lawsuits

Residential Solar Attorneys

The residential solar market is exploding in California. This is caused by a combination of falling costs associated with the solar systems being installed and the ability of a solar investment to dramatically reduce, and in many cases, completely eliminate a residential electric bill.  The increase in electric powered cars is also contributing to the spiking solar sales because a family can reduce or eliminate its demand for gasoline each month.

However, as with any big boon, there are growing pains.  There are many new installation companies entering the market that don’t necessarily have the experience to properly install these very technical system.  Many of these companies are traditional roofing and/or construction companies that see an opportunity to expand their business and products they offer.  Another problem is scheduling.  With such a high demand, many companies get over-extended on their ability to handle the large demand.  So many promises regarding installation timelines get broken and customers are left waiting for weeks and months not knowing when their construction will begin.  In California, we have a large number of Spanish tile roofs which are very susceptible to cracking, breaking and other roof damage, especially in older homes.

A very good article was written in titled “The Problem with Rooftop Solar that Nobody is Talking About.”  It addresses issues with regard to who owns the system’s renewable energy credits (RECs).  It also explains in plain understandable terms how a solar system works and how it can be both a financially good and bad decision.  If you have yet to purchase a solar system, the most common regret that most consumers have on websites like Yelp and Best Company is not doing the homework before choosing a company from which to purchase the solar system.  Another common complaint is the sales tactics and pressure which promise the moon and an ambitious installation schedule, but actually provide neither. 

Finally, the contracts for residential solar are varied and complex.  They are different depending on whether you are purchasing or leasing your system. There are also very complicated issues regarding warranties and what type of damage to your system is covered and how much it will cost to repair the system.  If you need an attorney regarding any of these issues, please call The Gilliland Firm for a free consultation at (619) 878-1580 or e-mail